Help When You Need It Most
At North County Rehab, D.C., LLC, we believe the best way to meet the needs of our patients is to listen to them. Listening starts with your personal consultation with the doctor. He will want to know not only about the pain are experiencing but also any lifestyle changes you may be experiencing. After an accident many people have difficulties with household chores, recreation, work activities, headaches, and sleeping or concentration problems. We will want to know everything regarding your symptoms so that we're able to provide you the best course of care.

In addition to your private consultation and accident history, the examination is a vital tool to locate the exact cause and extent of your injuries. Our doctors will do standard and specialized testing when needed to determine your health care needs and recommend the proper care for you.

X-Ray, MRI and CAT Scans
If x-rays or other diagnostic studies are indicated, they will be performed in accordance with your doctorÝs clinical judgment and with safety in mind. X-rays are viewed for more than broken bones and disease; they are also looked at for normal and abnormal alignment of the joints, a common problem in accidental injuries. This type of x-ray analysis, along with a thorough examination, results in a clear understanding of the nature of your injuries. And in most cases, we are able to schedule X-rays, MRI's and CT's on a lien basis.

Report of Our Findings
After your information has been reviewed by our doctors, we will sit down with you and explain everything in simple and understandable terms. If you had will be shown to you and any questions you may have will be answered. The doctors will then work with you to tailor a treatment program specific for your injuries.

North County Rehab

How Do Our Doctors Treat Accident Related Injuries?
Our doctors are specialist in the treatment of muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve, and joint related injuries. Depending upon the nature of your injuries, he may use any number of different well known, safe and proven chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques. Treatment will often involve the use of massage, gentle electrical stimulation, stretching and strengthening exercises, therapeutic ultrasound, traction, and ice or heat to help in the healing process. We use only those procedures that have stood the tests of research and safety. If other services are necessary, we have a network of physicians that we can recommend to fill most of your health care needs.

How Long Will I Need to See the Doctor?
We realize that every case is different and have found that most musculoskeletal injuries are treated successfully within six to eight weeks. More serious injuries may take longer. Our primary goal is to get you back to the state of health you enjoyed before your accident and to get you feeling better as quickly and safely as possible.

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